Hydrogen Generator
- My Truck runs on Water
This is just another Green Fuel Concept that works.

HHO Technologies are advancing Rapidly:
"Hello Bill,

Actually, the new generators now is best at cool temperatures and stays at around 10 amps per cell. The fins helps the temperature to be more
consistent at long haul or use. All must work together to make sure that the generators remains cool. Water, caustic, atmosphere, etc)But the new
cell at those amps puts out over a liter a minute of gas per cell (compared to the previous unit that it requires 25 amps to 1 liter).
This new cells does two major things. It requires less amps drawing from your alternator or battery and second, it produce more gas for more
savings and extra power.

Michael" BlueWave Technologies 07-16-2009



Under Arizona Law

1-215. Definitions

  In the statutes and laws of this state, unless the context otherwise requires: Alternative fuel" means:    "a blend of hydrogen with liquefied petroleum"

..."or a blend of hydrogen with liquefied petroleum or natural gas that complies with any of the following:

(i) Is used in an engine that is certified to meet at a minimum the United States environmental protection agency low emission vehicle standard pursuant to 40 Code of Federal Regulations section 88.104-94 or 88.105-94.

(ii) Is used in an engine that is certified by the engine modifier to meet the addendum to memorandum 1-A of the United States environmental protection agency as printed in the federal register, volume 62, number 207, October 27, 1997, pages 55635 through 55637.

(iii) Is used in an engine that is the subject of a waiver for that specific engine application from the United States environmental protection agency's memorandum 1-A addendum requirements and that waiver is documented to the

 reasonable satisfaction of the director of the department of environmental quality."

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