Hydrogen, Dual Fuel Vehicles

Hydrogen Dual fuel vehicles

NHTSA proposed light truck CAFE standards 67 FR 5767

The President's Hydrogen Fuel Initiative complements the FreedomCAR initiative

III. Summary of the NPRM

NHTSA proposed light truck CAFE standards for MY 2005-2007 in an NPRM published on December 16, 2002 (66 FR 77015). This proposal sought to set a standard for light trucks at 21.0 mpg for MY 2005, 21.6 mpg for MY 2006 and 22.2 mpg for MY 2007. These proposed standards represented NHTSA's tentative view of the maximum feasible fuel economy levels that could be achieved by light truck manufacturers in each of these model years.


5. Dual Fuel Vehicle Credits

On March 11, 2002, the agency published a proposal to extend the dual fuel vehicle credits that vehicle manufacturers can earn by producing vehicles capable of operating on gasoline and other types of fuel. (67 Fed. Reg. 10873). Since then, both the Senate and the House of Representatives passed bills that would statutorily extend the credits. The extension was also included in the conference energy bill (H.R. 4) in the last Congress.

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