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    Hydrogen is the only fuel of the future

92% of the universe has Hydrogen.

Hydrogen is the only fuel of the future that will save the ozone. Forget about the

distribution fight that is happening to alternative fuels. You the Consumer, Scientist,

Lawyer, Doctor etc. can make this alternative fuel yourself. If you notice, we are not

supporting on this page an Atomic HHO System®. However, we are supporting the consumer to use a Hydrogen generator.

For all of you inventors we need a throttle control system to activate the amount of hydrogen that put into an automobiles intake. Step up and make this happen.

Atomic HHO System® is only one system being sold at this time. The Atomic HHO System® is a new system and not yet on the market.

In addition, you will find a lot of garage mechanics building systems. They are all on the right track.

You do not need to fill up at a service station. You can safely produce your own Hydrogen.

Now is the time that American’s need to step up and make the alternative fuels come alive. We have done it in the past and the Americans will do it again.

Do Not get caught up in the SPIN of alternative fuels and the Distribution fight that is currently occurring.

Bill Warman Inventor


1. Hydrogen produces no smoke or Emissions. 

2. Hydrogen burns rapidly. 

3. Hydrogen is non-toxic 

4. Hydrogen requires a constrained volume to explode (like inside of a cylinder). 

5. Hydrogen will not burnout an auto’s converter it emits 1/10 the radiant heat of a Hydrocarbon fire. 

6. Hydrogen poses little if any threat to the environment.

7. Hydrogen adds 130+ Octane to your vehicle engine.


Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (1999)

“No Safety issues are foreseen that would warrant cessation of Hydrogen as a vehicle fuel.”

Bellona Foundation

“Hydrogen is no more or less dangerous than any other energy carrier” and “has properties that certain areas make it safer than other energy carriers.”  (2002)

US Department of Energy

“[H]ydrogen can be produced, stored, and dispensed safely.”

1 gallon methanol -                                   62,800 Btu

1 gallon of gasoline –                               125,000 Btu

1 gallon of ethanol –                                  84,400 Btu

1 gallon of gasohol  -                                 120,900 Btu
(10% ethanol, 90% gasoline)

1 gallon of E-85 -                                        90,500 Btu
(85% ethanol, 15% gasoline)

1 gallon of kerosene or light distillate oil – 135,000 Btu

Hydrogen –  BTU of 60,000 per pound

Hydrogen is more powerful than gasoline. Liquid Hydrogen has a BTU (British Thermal Unit) of 60,000 per pound where as gasoline has a BTU of 18,000 per pound.


"Hydrogen has many practical uses, for example, you can easily convert any combustion engine to run on hydrogen. Hydrogen can be used as a cooking fuel, to heat your home, drive your car, and mow your lawn. Hydrogen can run your generator and run the electricity for your home. With the addition of a fuel cell, hydrogen can be turned back to electricity to run your computer, your lights. It can be used in place of electricity, in place of gasoline, and in place or propane or natural gas (Camp). It can be used to suit all the world’s power needs. Unlike with so many things, which only the rich more developed countries, can afford. Hydrogen can power any country where the sun shines."


BTU’s of a burner are directly relational to the cubic foot of gases burned. Following are some of the more popular fuel gases and their BTU ratings:

Approximate BTU per cubic foot ratings


Natural Gas: 1042

Propane: 2461

Hydrogen: 783

The governments of the world have been using Air-independent propulsion (AIP) for years. They have used these hydrogen reactors to produce power and oxygen onboard submarines.


To read more about fuel cells SEE Wikipedia®


The production of energy for the United States and the rest of the World should come from Hydrogen.
The Hydrogen Generators should be placed close by each dam (Lake, Waterway, generating facilities, etc). If you place these hydrogen generators within a dam Facility.

You automatically have water, and electricity to use.

 The electricity will cost minimal because it is being produced at that facility. And the water is at the location producing the electricity.

 Now just add a Hydrogen Generator. Fill it up with water and turn on the electricity.  The electrolysis will split the water from H2O to H H – O.

The O is Oxygen and

 the H H is pure hydrogen. The burning H H can be used to heat water and turn a steam turbine, etc generating electricity.

Once the H H is burned, the results leave pure H2 O or Water.


We will have a never-ending power source.

Will Hydrogen work on your Vehicle, Power Plant, Generator, Lawn Mower, Outboard? YES it will

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