Max Output 246 watts per hour each panel

123 Watt Crystalline Solar Panels


Solar Panel Size: 61”x31”x3.5”

Max Output 246 watts each


Amount of panels in 1 mile: 1760 using 36” panels.


Amount of electricity generated: 432,960 watts per hour.


Length of Interstate 10 = 2460 miles

Length of Interstate 40 = 2559 miles

Length of Interstate 70 = 2153 miles

Length of Interstate 80 = 2900 miles

Length of Interstate   5 = 1381 miles

Length of Interstate 95 = 1925 miles

Length of Interstate 75 = 1786 miles


15164 miles of useable interstate to build Solar Energy on.


Amount of electricity generated on one side of interstate 10 =

6,565,405,440 watts per hr.

If built on both sides 30328 miles x 1760 panels = 53,377,280 panels to be installed putting out
13,130,810,880 watts per hr


average (electricity) kwh cost is $4.31 to $5.38

you would need an amp Digital Charge Controller to protect your system and batteries  or storage unit

Some type of an Inverter to invert into the GRID.

12V DC Power Consumption Chart:

Solar Highway

In areas, that wind generation would be beneficial you can use 2- per 660' 750,000 kwh generators.
As technology changes the wind and solar systems should be changed. However, the entire system should last 10 years but should pay for itself within 1.5 years.

The USA would be totally supplied with electricity using the Solar Highway. You electric Car could now be used and recharged on the highway.

To learn about the newest technologies such as a Solar Powered Air Conditioner, and Hydrogen Fuels click these link:

Solar Air Conditioner

Hydrogen Facts

A NOTE from Bill:


    Hydrogen is the only fuel of the future

Hydrogen is the only fuel of the future that will save the ozone. Forget about the

distribution fight that is happening to alternative fuels. You the Consumer, Scientist,

Lawyer, Doctor etc. can make this alternative fuel yourself. If you notice, we are not

supporting on this page an Atomic HHO System® system. However, we are supporting the consumer to use a Hydrogen generator.

For all of you inventors we need a throttle control system to activate the amount of hydrogen that put into an automobiles intake. Step up and make this happen.

Atomic HHO System® System is only one system being sold at this time. The Atomic HHO System® is a new system and not yet on the market.

In addition, you will find a lot of garage mechanics building systems. They are all on the right track.

You do not need to fill up at a service station. You can safely produce your own Hydrogen.

Now is the time that American’s need to step up and make the alternative fuels come alive. We have done it in the past and the Americans will do it again.

Do Not get caught up in the SPIN of alternative fuels and the Distribution fight that is currently occurring.

Bill Warman Inventor

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